South Korea

I'm so glad to have Maribel's art in my room. Her art which I have is very beautiful, colorful and makes my room more brilliant. I hang the art where I can see the art at first when I wake up every morning 🙂



Thank you for your wonderful work. after inspecting the room, you designed a picture that fills it and brings it to life. It fits so perfectly in its place in terms of color and size that I can no longer imagine it without it.
I'm glad I trusted youth do the work. Thanks again.
I would be very happy to recommend you and your work and will use you again should the need arise.
See you soon!

Abstract painting by Maribel Luque

Tomas Nanak

Czech Republic

The painting that I received from Maribel was such a big and beautiful surprise for me!, It was a gift from my partner and I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing!, what a beautiful painting of a Buddha!, It is just fantastic and I breath the calm and the beautiful aura of the room with this painting.



Recuerdo cuando hablé con Maribel sobre el cuadro que quería. Era mi primera obra de arte para mi nuevo piso y tenía que ser increíble. Y bueno..., ¡fue mucho más que increíble!. Maribel consiguió representar perfectamente lo que quería y retrató de forma asombrosa lo que yo había imaginado, como si me hubiera leído la mente.
Nunca olvidaré la primera vez que vi en persona el cuadro... ¡Inolvidable!



I love the colorful paintings. Especially the one's that bring out the contrast of light and dark colors.
When you finally seeing Maribel paintings on your wall you just can't take your eyes off them. Right from
the start, you feel the strong and powerful personality from the artist. Within every collection you find different interpretations by the artist. These different styles are subtle but quite astonishing. I follow the artistic evolution of Maribels over the last years and really looking forward to what the future holds. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long 🙂

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