Little About Me

Hi, my name is Maribel Luque Blasco, and this is where I should introduce myself, tell you where my inspiration comes from and what kind of art I do, but…

I´m an artist and I don´t need to make sense.

My art is an act of my soul looking for Global Visualization.

It doesn´t have to match your furniture.

It is not supposed to look nice.

It is supposed to make you feel like you can´t stop looking at it, no matter where it is.

Cause my art doesn´t understand you either.

Breath Collection Originals

Expanding my art beyond paintings, I have designed a collection of Contemporary Jewelry.

About a year ago, I started testing how I could transfer my art from large paintings to smaller pieces, which led me to wanting to turn them into jewelry. It wasn’t until a

few months ago that I released my first collection; when I got these jewelry pieces to reflect exactly the same as my art, but in small doses, hence the name “Art Pills”.

Pieces that are totally different and unique, but complementary at the same time, where you can find your own exclusive universe in each one.

See some of my paintings below. Check out more paintings of the same collection by clicking on “See more”



Q Series




Limited Edition Prints


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